Interview with Vivi's Collection: Crafting a Journey of Passion and Collaboration

Vivi's Collection has been making waves in the pet industry for its unique offerings. Recently, we sat down with Alyssa, the face behind Vivi's Collection, to discuss her journey, collaborations, and the passion that drives her. 

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The Origin of Vivi's Collection

Q: Can you tell us a little about the story behind Vivi's Collection? How did it all begin?

Alyssa: Vivi’s Collection took root when I moved into my own apartment last year. I was searching for a new hobby and stumbled upon a stamping kit. My initial attempts were quite amateur, but with persistent practice, I honed my skills. I've always been passionate about supporting small businesses and toyed with the idea of starting one but wasn't sure about the niche. After gaining some confidence in stamping, I began selling my creations to friends and family, and later expanded to Instagram and Etsy. Fast forward to today, and it's astounding to see the progress I've made in just a year.


Collaborating with The Modern Pet Co.

Q: Can you share a memorable experience that emerged from your collaboration with The Modern Pet Co.?

Alyssa: Oh, absolutely! One standout memory is getting my team utterly addicted to your products. It's amusing to note that a couple of team members have amassed even more lick mats than our CEO, Avita! Witnessing their burgeoning collections and brainstorming new products with Jamie for our shop has been incredibly rewarding. Our 1 on 1 interactions with vendors always add a personalized touch.


Exciting Times Ahead

Q: Are there any upcoming collaborations or special projects between The Modern Pet Co. and Vivi's Collection that enthusiasts should watch out for?

Alyssa: Stay glued to Vivi’s Collection’s Instagram for our enticing giveaways. Many times, Modern Pet Co. is also in the mix! Rest assured, we are perpetually on the hunt for innovative enrichment products to introduce to our respective shops.


A Day with Vivi's Collection

Q: Could you walk us through a day in the life of the Vivi's Collection team?

Alyssa: Of course! Interestingly, I single-handedly manage Vivi’s Collection while also juggling my part-time studies. My day usually kickstarts with a quick trip to the post office, delivering orders from the previous night. Throughout the day, my tasks oscillate between restocking supplies, updating excel sheets, engaging on Instagram, curating content, photographing products, and processing orders. Evenings are reserved for stamping tag orders - there's something therapeutic about it, especially with a good show playing in the background. The dedication I pour into Vivi’s is intensive, but the daily rewards make every moment worthwhile.


Passion in the Pet Industry

Q: What do you find most rewarding about working in the pet industry?

Alyssa: The joy of interacting one-on-one with dogs - they're my absolute favorite - is unparalleled. Seeing their adorable faces on Vivi’s tags brings a smile to my face every day. Collaborating with other esteemed pet companies, like Modern Pet Co., and building relationships with vendors and team members has been an incredibly fulfilling journey. These connections and collaborations make every day a rewarding experience.


Vivi's Collection epitomizes the blend of passion, dedication, and collaboration. With a promising future ahead, the brand continues to enthrall its customers and collaborators alike.