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Driven by solving pain points, we obsessed over what was working and what wasn’t to create a place that didn't leave you choosing between design, convenience and affordability.

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At The Modern Pet Co., we're dedicated to enhancing the unique bond between dogs and their humans.

We see pets as invaluable family members, contributing significantly to our wellbeing and enriching our lives in countless ways. They stand by us through every challenge and joy, whether it's under clear skies or amidst the muddiest adventures! This beautiful, reciprocal relationship between pets and their people is truly special, deserving of celebration and support.

That's why we're passionate about crafting high-quality everyday essentials designed with the needs of both you and your furry companions in mind. Because every shared moment should be cherished and made as wonderful as the connection you both share

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Our Commitment

Transform a Dog's Life With Each Purchase

At The Modern Pet Co., we envision a world where every dog experiences happiness and health. Our commitment extends beyond our customers to those four-legged friends waiting for their forever homes. That's why with every product you purchase, a portion of the sale is dedicated to giving back.

By contributing to reputable animal shelters, we directly support the invaluable work they do to nurture, protect, and find loving families for dogs in need. Together, we're not just providing for our pets; we're offering hope and tangible aid to dogs everywhere, with every order. Join us in making a difference—one happy bark at a time."

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Love from our customers

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  • A Lifesaver for Me and My Pooch!

    I can't say enough good things about The Modern Pet Co.! Their unique range of pet essentials has been a total game-changer for me and my Labrador, Bella. The quality is top-notch, everything is so durable and well-made—it's clear these products are designed with real understanding and care for our furry companions. But what touched my heart the most is their mission to support animal shelters. Knowing that our purchases contribute to a great cause makes every order even more special. A five-star experience!

    Jackie L.

  • Above and Beyond Expectations!

    Absolutely fantastic! That’s how I would describe our experience with The Modern Pet Co. I recently bought a custom-designed product, and not only is it beautiful, but it’s also practical and fits my dog's needs perfectly. The customer service was outstanding; they went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with our order. Plus, the fact that they support animal welfare initiatives is admirable. It feels good to know that we're indirectly helping dogs in need with each purchase

    Wendy W.

  • High Quality, Innovatively Designed, and Caring!

    The Modern Pet Co. has become my go-to for all my dog's necessities. I was thoroughly impressed by the innovativeness of their product range—every item is thoughtfully designed with both the pet's and the owner's needs in mind. My order arrived promptly, and the quality was unmistakable from the moment I unboxed it. The commitment they show in enriching the lives of pets and pet owners is genuinely commendable. Also, the initiative to donate a part of their proceeds to animal shelters? Truly heartwarming. Highly recommend to all pet parents out there!

    Jessica R.

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